Nov. 22nd, 2016

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 After I threw up a gallery with empty pedestals available for anyone to place art on, I felt a little frustrated, maybe more than a little bored. Clearly, nobody was actually going to do that, because why? After a couple of weeks, I decided to crawl the internet and collect art instead. Now that that is done, and is live, I'm back at the frustrated and bored stage, though at least with more to show for it. I could:
  • Add SSL everywhere, including client-certificates for authentication, as a grounding for RPC authorization, and maybe do something clever with having people rotating clearly mis-posed objects in the gallery, or doing a robots.txt-style ownership claim to their own art.
  • Attack the rendering glitches that come with simultaneously runtime-processing complicated meshes and textures. Maybe hang out with the unity-savvy folk on forums some more too.
  • Finish the last little pieces of the current iteration, surfacing object stats and licensing information to viewers, broadening the scope of the crawler, handling more object and texture formats, all the endless tweaks.
But mostly, I'm just a little bored. I had a brief frisson of excitement when friends tried it out, so maybe advertising the gallery's existence more widely is the best path to regaining my enthusiasm. In the meantime, I could also wrap up messing around with smart door locks...


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